C.O.D.E. is

a community that spreads the values of sharing and openness and connects people and organizations who are devoted to creating an open society, with a dream to build a better world.

C.O.D.E is a new name of former Creative Commons Korea.


Our Story

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    Started as a group of volunteers who dreamed of a joyful world with the values of creativity and sharing

    In 2005, CC Korea project was started as a project to introduce free-to-use Creative Commons Licenses in Korea. For the next 3 years since then, it was run as a community of volunteers who promoted the adoption of CC licenses by online portal services for their blogs, cafes (group pages). In addition to promoting the licenses, they organized salons, conferences, and workshops to share the value and meaning of shared creativity, meeting and connecting interested people.
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    Leaped forward as “Creative Commons Korea Corporation”

    In 2009, responding to the need for an organization that serves as a hub, Creative Commons Korea corporation was established. The volunteer group and the staff started to work in collaboration and make even more active efforts. A youth group was formed with young people who are interested in CC movement while CC Art Happening, an art festival full of serendipities and coincidences created from the encounter between artists and CC licenses, was held. It also expanded its areas of activities further to include open data, sharing city, etc., all of which were based on core values such as connection, openness, and engagement.
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    Changed to “C.O.D.E. Corporation”

    In 2016, marking the 11th year of its operation, Creative Commons Korea Corporation changed its name to “C.O.D.E. Corporation.” It was a decision to expand its scope of activities while remaining true to its founding spirit and values and overhaul its mission. The name “C.O.D.E.” is an acronym of Commons, Openness, Diversity, and Engagement, and represents its commitment to an open community where anyone who shares the four core values can participate and makes change in our society in various ways, reflecting its root as a volunteer community.